Community Guidelines

All SPC Sims Discord community members and collaborative writing groups must be at least 18 years of age. The member conducts age verification upon joining and agreeing to the organization’s rules.

Please respect all members of the SPC Sims Community. Refrain from engaging in discrimination, harassment, hate speech, etc. While we understand this is a community of 18+ members, we still expect all members to keep content of sexual nature, sensitive content, and discussions of violence within specific channels or at a minimum, in public channels.

Advertising within the community is limited to active participants of our stories and community/server boosters. Advertisements will only be allowed in ⁠#recruiting.

Spamming or NSFW content is prohibited. Sensitive Medical, Military, or Public Safety content may be posted within ⁠#shop-talk.

Only one account per person is allowed on the server. Using multiple accounts to avoid punishment, joining a simulation after being rejected, etc., will be grounds for suspending all accounts on the server immediately.

Instructions from the community staff are expected to be followed at all times. The community staff is empowered to police the channels and remove content or members that violate these rules as they deem fit. Administrators have the final say in all actions conducted by the community staff.

Each story or “sim” will have its own rules for participation found on the individual website.

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